At this time we are not closing down jobsites. The safety of our employees and their families are at the forefront of this decision and we want to be able to continue to provide a safe work space for you to earn a living. At this time we want to remind you of some best practices in keeping yourself and your workplace as germ free as possible.

-Wash hands OFTEN-

After bathroom, before eating, after eating and anytime you feel you need to in between.

Those gloves you work in now have a dual purpose! 😉

Try not to touch your face!

Stay away from large crowds, and wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Try to spread yourselves throughout the jobsite for the next two weeks, when possible work alone in an area, when it’s not possible, make sure you and your co workers are sneezing/coughing into your elbows and AWAY from the other person’s face. (No more butterfly kisses guys!)

If you are showing any symptoms of cold or flu PLEASE STAY HOME UNTIL YOU ARE WELL.

We understand that schools have all closed to various degrees so if you are having issues with childcare and that is the only reason you can’t work, please contact Trevor or Chris and we can see if there are some schedule changes that can be made.

Everyone stay safe and continue to do the great work CR Lighting is known for.